SDX Application Profiles

SDX @ work is a sampler of practical and academic applications. These samples offer insight into its diverse problem solving powers and a forum to evaluate its effectiveness over alternatives promoted elsewhere.

Problem Index:

Optimal Trajectory

Boundary value nonlinear dynamic problem with functionally dependent initial conditions

Parameter Estimation

Estimate the aerodynamic coefficient of drag from a specified trajectory measurement data

Constrained Pendulum

Boundary value problem with state constrained equations of motions

Control System Design

Optimal design of a hybrid control system with a digital feedforward compensator

Geometry 101

Classical least squares solution of the nonlinear equation system in analytical form

Complex Dynamics

Initial value problem of a homogeneous complex valued dynamic system utilizing external (netlib) resources

Aerodynamic Drag

Estimation of the aerodynamic coefficient of drag based on a minimal set of observation data (launch parameters, flight length and wind speed)

Language Contest

World wide contest for the fastest solution for the boundary value optimal trajectory problem