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SDX edition for Compaq (Digital) Visual Fortran

SDX -- the next generation problem solving environment uniquely integrates modeling, simulation, and analysis in a way CSSLs never thought possible.

From rapid prototyping to design optimization, from legacy software to Windows without APIs -- with proficiency and power to solve virtually anything.

Strategically poised to radically advance the art and science of Windows based technical computing. Ask for a demo, toss ACSL and Matlab aside and never look back again.

screenshot of new gui interface

....your slide rule for the 21st century....

SDX is a computer aided engineering environment for modeling and simulation of dynamic systems characterized by differential, difference and algebraic equations. Its blend of aerospace technologies with contemporary Fortran compilers provides the power for solving problems with speed and flexibility only the seasoned harbingers of innovation can deliver.

SDX features a concurrent description of the model and experiment -- an architectural marvel which makes advanced engineering, such as simulation based design optimization, a practical reality. Combined with a real time computational engine it makes up a tool which no technical workstation should be without. See SDX specifications sheet for a closer look at the characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the pack.

SDX covers simple or complex problems with ease and efficiency one needs to see to believe. So, take a virtual test drive and invite one of the branded "hot rods" to join you for a "canon ball run" -- an eye opener you don't want to miss.

Click here for a more detailed synopsis of modeling and simulation in the context of general problem solving environments.

Compatible Fortran compilers:

Compaq (Digital)

What SDX can do for you!

Control over the modeling & simulation process instead of the other way around -- solve problems, not just admire them.

Unleash the power of a complete language instead of wasting time with semi-illiterate language wannabes.

Raise prototyping, experimentation and testing of alternative designs to a higher level -- free from the hollows of yesterday's technologies.

Speed up turnaround by taking advanced real-time computational engines and the raw power of the processor by the horns -- not through a maze of translators and interpreters.

Slash costs, shorten design cycles, reuse existing software and deliver under budget, on time -- while keeping yourself ulcer free.

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